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Within The Cochlea (EP)

by Within The Cochlea

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The Voice of Stentor Long I've cultivated silence making myself small, and hiding from the call. Long I have neglected chance, static in this vast expanse, useless, separate from it all. Here I breath this desert air, anesthetized by this goddamn city. Senseless,who have I to blame? It's numbing out my every care, to satisfy instead of shaping. Fuck this, stand up and proclaim! (No cause for savagery, no cause to plead for violence. But oh, we won't let ourselves be still. Beaten-down and silent) Digging down beyond despair, deep enough to claim my center. Deep down, I'm a bit deranged. Shifting through this putrid air, resuscitate the voice of Stentor. Break out, break and be the change. Why we speak, why we wheel and deal, why we seek out truth, why we'll never kneel, why we break the rules, why we fight, we steal, we won't lose ourselves in silence. Why we breathe, why we write, we feel,why we take the stage, why we'll never heel,why we cherish rage, why it's been revealed, we won't lose ourselves in silence.
Rise of the Broken See it, staring out to this world, through dead eyes and a faltered faith. Free it, blaring questions unfurled, undisguised, should be plain as day. (Oh these chains, these shackles were destined to break. Holding out for the one chance to surface, and retake a purpose, and rise up! As the rest of the thoughtless believe what there told, blindly receive whats been sold, a plea to the rest of you, stand up and seek the truth out!) Feel it, and attack of the soul, will infect the impartial mind. Peel it, peel away from control, and inspect beyond what's defined. Child were blind, we have been misinformed to impose their perversions, their lies. Child up rise, to awaken the storm, to expose the coercion of sides.
Badlands 03:07
Badlands A century toiling fists to clay, harsh the land, sparse the pay. Three generations, lives now displaced. Painted as justice, oppressed, and disgraced. (Stand strong for I'm by your side. Don't tread on me. No longer shall I stand by. Bring hell on). How the powers high collide, pilfering lands, nationwide. Turn in all weapons. Yield and obey. Quell insurrection. Subdue for display. Try it, test me motherfucker try it, take my guns away. Try it, test me motherfucker. Try it, take my land away. Gainful be the darkest dreams of all the wicked. We stand to fight as plain fools. Clot the flow, these profits for the picking. The blatant theft of all of our guns, all of our lands, pry them from our cold dead hands. We all stand as one.
Slurpeee 04:19
Slurpeee What'd you down today? And what'd you throw away, as the hungry fell like flies around you? And oh you had to wait, and oh you had complaints, as the hungry fell likes flies around you! STARVED! She's so wrapped up in her simple day-to-day. Another tragedy, another pitfall. Blind by choice she portrays, and an imperceptive face. An easy part to play, a simple withdrawal. ( Come on in the waters fine, leave the world behind. You're not to mention, not to mention, how the weak decline!) She tries hard to suppress her psychopathic traits. But in the dark there waits, a terror raging. This bipolar princess, about to lose her shit. Drinks till completely lit, self medicating. I told her to wait, and the mood went black that night. As she gripped tight to her cigarette. Wicked didn't show, until the word returned was "no". Then the beast showed face, oh how the beast showed face. hope you got your fucking SLURPEEE
Make You Gods We salute you in solidarity, your lack of clarity, your lack of reason. We salute you in all sincerity, your lack of empathy. We're going to make you gods... now! ( A testament to creeping sin, seek out things with no cure inside you. As sediment it's seeping in, weakening the structure inside). You're placed in charge of the peons, and I'm sure you'll do just fine. So son you go ahead and do just what you'd like. No one will question if it's wrong or right. If they try, you take that power out to smite them. The oppositions weak and now could be the perfect time. You can eliminate the foes that seek to slow your climb. Know all that matters is the bottom line. Whatever goes, whatever just do it!
Slaves to the Divine. Weekdays wasted, following the hours, days become months wasted. Lifetimes wasted, following the hours, months become years. Stocks, stocks, tell me they're trending better! Stock, stock, tell me it's trending better! Stock, stock, tell me it's growing! Who gives a fuck how? Just so you make that money grow! Yeah I watch you, cause I'm the one who knows. I know just what it takes to keep this lifestyle. The poor will stay down to keep the rich up. I'll pay you just enough to keep you, and I'll...( take your drops of blood, mixed with sweat and tears. As I add it to my wine, it's overflowing. Funneling this flood, so that all appears to be legal and divine, get back to working)! Yes I own you, cause I'm the one who knows. I know just what it takes to keep you working. Your meager lives, and your wretched families. I'll pay you just enough to keep you and I'll... Who gives a fuck how? Just so you making that money grow!!!


released December 19, 2014


all rights reserved



Within The Cochlea Las Vegas, Nevada

"Within The Cochlea" is a melodic hard rock/metal band based out of Las Vegas, NV.

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